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International Symposium on “Development perspectives of Islamic Financial Market in Azerbaijan”

                                                                                                    Baku 25. September 2012

Azerbaijan State Economic University, Studying of Economic Resources Public Union and Istanbul Economic Research and Consultancy Institute of the Republic of Turkey will jointly hold international symposium on the subject on, "Development Perspectives of  Islamic Financial Market in Azerbaijan on September 25, 2012.

Below is shown initial daily program of the round table. So, organizations, lecturers and  topics mentioned in the table may be changed according to the situation.






Papers/lectures - 20 min.

Speeches - 5 min.

Questions - 3 min.



25 September 2012





09:30 – 10:00

Registration of the participants



 Opening of the Symposium


10:00 – 10:40

  1. Azerbaijan State Economic University/ Chairman of the Committee on Science and Education of the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan 

Professor Shamsaddin Hajiyev

  1. Congratulations by guests


Representatives  of government authorities, public structures and private sector

  1. President of Ansar Lizing company/ Head sponsor of the symposium / Greeting the participants

Jeyhun Naghıyev


The plenary session



  1. Turkey/Istanbul University/  Head of  Istanbul Economic Researches and Consulting Institute/ Assessment of modern non-interest bearing financial instruments by the point of Islamic Law

Doc. Dr. Servet Bayındır 

  1. Azerbaijan State Economic University/ Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation/ The conceptual basis for the financing  in the Islamic society: economic and philosophical interpretation


Professor Avaz  Bayramov

11:30 – 12:00

Tea-coffee break


                                                                    I SESSION

Moderator: Professor Rasim Hasanov

Lectures and discussions on the topics

12:00 – 13:30


  1. Saudi  Arabia/Umm Al-Qura University/ Lecturer/Connecting universities along the eSilk Road


Professor Mohammad Aljarf 


  1.  Pakistan/ Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST)/ Lecturer/ The place and role of Islamic financial instruments in the development of world capital market


Ph.D.Sanaullah Ansari

  1. Azerbaijan State Economic University/ Head of the Department of Economic Theory- 2/ Applicability of the Islamic financial system in Azerbaijan

Professor Mahammadhasan Meybullayev

  1. 4.      Azerbaijan State Economic University / Head of Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Studies/ Sustainable development and directors of financial market: coordination


Professor Rasim Hasanov

Discussion topics


  1. The place and role of Islamic financial institutes in terms of the conjuncture sustainability of global capital market;
  1. Review to the Islamic financial market as an alternative resource in Azerbaijan;

Foreign and national experts

13:30 – 14:30

Lunch break



Moderator:  Professor Mohammad Aljarf

Lectures and discussions on the topics

14:30 – 16:00

  1. Iran/ Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences/Researcher/ New perspective on socio-economic development in Ibn Khaldun's thought


 Ph.D. Faranak Bavardeh 


  1. Turkey/Istanbul University/Lecturer/

Transactions underlying interest-free banking operations in the Islamic law


Doc. Dr. Fatih Orum


  1. Azerbaijan State Economic University / Department of science/ Chief inspector/ Head of Studying of Economic Resources Centre/ Formation of interest-free financial system in Azerbaijan on the basis of responsibility of government, private sector and public institutions.


Ph.D. Ruslan Atakishiyev



Discussion topics


  1. Current situation and future development perspectives of forming Islamic financial market in Azerbaijan;
  2. Participation opportunities of Islamic financial institutes in the investment projects of Azerbaijan;


Foreign and national experts

16:00 – 16:30

Tea-coffee break



Moderator: Professor Mahammadhasan Meybullayev

Lectures and discussions on the topics

16:30 – 17:40

  1. Pakistan/ International Islamic Universitety/ Lecturer/ Islamic ideology and inspirations of doing business/generating economic activity


Ph.D. Hafiz Ghufran Ali Khan

Turkey/ Turkiye Finans Participation Bank/ Head of the Department of  Financial Institutions/  The experience of free banking in Turkey


Fatih Bulach

  1. Azerbaijan State Economic University / Tutor of the Department of  Banking/ The implementation problems of Islamic banking model in the former Soviet Union countries



Professor Zahid Mammadov

Discussion topics


  1. The attitude of Azerbaijan  financial services sector to the Islamic banking and the development of bank operations in this direction in the country
  1. The ways forming collaboration between international companies, working in the field of Islamic banking, and local financial institutes

Foreign and national experts


Closing speeches of the international symposium



Adoption of an action plan for the next period



Tea-coffee break



Feast for foreign guests


19:00 – 21:00

Presenting gifts to foreign participants, photo session, mutual acquaintance



Return to the hotel



26 September 2012

(only for foreign participants)

Baku City Tour



Taking guests from the hotel by bus


Visit to Alley of Martyrs


Old city – Shirvanshahs’  Palace; Miniature house; Phlarmoniya Gardens; Juma Mosque, Maiden Tower


Baku Boulevard - Ferry trip, tea-table in Venice


Liberty Square


Fountain Park (Torgovea Street)


Farewell meal in the Azerbaijan State Economic University


Return to the hotel

Depend on flight schedule



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