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N Name
1 Doing Business in Azerbaijan
2 Symposium Program
3 Prof. Mohammad Aljarf-thesis Connecting Universities along the eSilk Road
4 Ph.D. Ruslan Ataksihiyev-thesis Formation of interest-free financial system in Azerbaijan on the basis of responsibilities of government, private sector and public institutions.
5 Hafiz Ghufran-thesis Islamic Banking and Finance
6 Prof. Avaz Bayramov-thesis Economic and philosophical interpretation of financial in islamic society: vision to the future
7 Prof. Rasim Hasanov-thesis Sustainable development and directors of financial market: coordination
8 Faranak Bavardeh-thesis New perspective on socio-economic development in Ibn khaldun's thought
9 Assistant Prof. Servet Bayındır-thesis Assessment of modern non-interest bearing financial instruments by the point of Islamic law
10 SYMPOSİUM-COLLECTION OF ARTICLES “Development perspectives of Islamic financial market in Azerbaijan”
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