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General information about international symposium:


             Sustainable growth of financial resources, easy access to them and productive use of capital resources are the main factors of causing the achievement of economic progress at micro and macro level.
             Modern development stage of financial market is caused by the emergence of its new products. These kinds of Islamic financial institutions that occurred from the middle of last century gradually began to play an important role in the development of global capital market. Despite its short history Islamic capital has a volume of 1,3trln USD in global financial market. This new system is applied by more than 400 financial organizations, in 74 countries throughout the world.
             In the competitive market economy Azerbaijan has high development indicators to further develop its financial market, attract capital flow to the country, expand investment opportunities and multiply its services and instruments, support local and foreign entrepreneurs in the economy of the country in terms of ensuring full employment as an alternative resource to form a new financial system based on Islamic principles, which are of great importance.
             Taking into consideration this reality, Azerbaijan State Economic University, Studying of Economic Resources Public Union and Istanbul Economic Research and Consultancy Institute the Republic of Turkey jointly will hold an international symposium on the “Development perspectives of Islamic financial market in Azerbaijan” on the 25th of September in Baku.
             The purpose of holding this conference is to collect suggestions from participants, present new investment opportunities in Azerbaijan, prepare future forms of collaboration between participants by gathering local and foreign scientists working in the field of Islamic financial system, entrepreneurs, investors, public figures, journalists, state workers and other stakeholders, and organizing discussion about the following topics.
The topics to be discussed at the meeting:
             1. The place and role of Islamic financial institutes in terms of the development of global capital market.
             2. Review to the Islamic financial market as an alternative resource in Azerbaijan;
             3. Current situation and future development perspectives of forming Islamic financial market in Azerbaijan;
             4. Participation opportunities of Islamic financial institutes in the investment projects of Azerbaijan;
             5. The attitude of Azerbaijan financial services sector to the Islamic banking and the development of bank operations in this direction in the country
             6. The ways forming collaboration between international companies, working in the field of Islamic banking, and local financial institutes.

             Speech at the international symposium: Those who wish to speak at the event, must prepare a two-page-long thesis about the abovementioned topics at the meeting and send it to contact addresses. This includes the theme of speech, short text and information about the speaker (see also: registration form). Thesis must be prepared in “Times New Roman 12 bold”, line cross 1,5 , distance on the right side of page 2.5mm, on the left side 1.5mm, from down and up sides of pages 2.00mm.

             The registration rules for international symposium: Those who wish to attend the meeting, must fill out the registration form indicated in the appendix and send it to , through e-mail or to (+99412) 492 59 40; 436 86 74 by fax, also AZ1001, Azerbaijan, Baku city, Istiqlaliyyat st. 6, Azerbaijan State Economy University with post.
             In addition, it is possible to register on the web site.
             Note: Participants who was registered with one of the mentioned ways and got the confirmation respond do not need to use other ways.
            Contact person: Ruslan Atakishiyev

             Date and venue of the international symposium: 25 September 2012, from 09:00 to 18:00, Main building of the Azerbaijan State Economic University (nearby the "İceri sheher" tube station), II floor, big conference room (Azerbaijan, Baku city, 6. İstiglaliyyat str.).
             Note: There will be a city tour at the 26 September 2012 from 09:00 to 18:00 (for foreign participants).
             Expenses related to the international symposium: Accommodation, placement, food and banquet for foreign participants as well as materials related to the event, on 26th September 2012 city tour and all miscellaneous expenses related to program will be provided by organizing committee.
             Ticket and visa expenses in order to come to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, are not covered by the organizing committee.
             The key dates associated with the international symposium:
             Starting the registration to the international symposium: 01.05.2012
             Starting the adoption of thesis form speakers: 01.05.2012
             Deadline for application of speech at the international symposium: 20.08.2012
             Deadline for registration of participants: 15.08.2012
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