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General information about international conference:




Sustainable development of financial resources, facilitation of the possibility of access to them, and effective use of capital resources are one of the main factors involving the economic progress at the micro and macro levels.

Current stage of development of the financial market is due to the education of its new products. The Islamic financial institutions of this type emerging in the middle of last century started to play an increasingly important role in the development of global capital markets. Notwithstanding its short history, today Islamic capital has the volume of 1,3 trillion USD in global financial market. This new system is applied in more than 400 financial institutions in 74 countries throughout the world.

The formation of the Islamic financial system is very important in order to expedite further development of financial market, facilitate capital flows, expand investment opportunities and increase number of capital instruments under the condition of modern competition.

Taking into account this reality, The Institute of Economy of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (ANAS), Baku Programmer Coordination office of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency under the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey (TIKA), Economic Research Center of the Republic of Turkey (IKAME) and Studying of Economic Resources Centre of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SER) is going to hold an international conference on the subject of “Islamic finance: present situation and future challenges” in Baku on February 19, 2015.

The aim of the meeting is to collect offers, share innovative ideas, develop recommendations by organizing discussions on the topic by gathering domestic and foreign scholars, social workers, investors and other interested parties working in the field of Islamic financial system in order to apply Islamic finance in the countries represented by participants.



Key dates related to the international conference:

Registration start of international conference: March 01, 2014

Start of theses' and articles' reception from speakers: April 01, 2014

Final date of theses' and articles' reception from speakers: October 15, 2014

Final date of appeals in connection with participation at the international conference: October 22, 2014

Final date of registration for participation at the international conference: October 25, 2014

Final date for approval of registration at the conference: October 28, 2014


During the conference the sections on the following topics will be organized:

1. Islamic Banking;

2. Insurance of Islamic finance;

3. Leasing and other financial instruments;

4. Charity and the charity funds;

5. The approach of the Eastern and Western thinkers over Islamic finance;

6. The theory and methodology of Islamic finance

7. Formation of Islamic financial environment

8. The role of Islamic financial instruments in acceleration of investment flows between countries of the Islamic Conference


Participation with a speech presenting an article at the International Conference:


NOTE: For this purpose, the participant should contact the organizing committee, expressing his/her desire to make a speech by filling the registration form, providing summary and article.

Each author is allowed to make a speech only on one subject;

The article consists of annotation and the main text;

The subjects of the articles should be in compliance with conference name and topics scheduled for discussion in the sections.


Requirements regarding the Annotation part:

Even if the article is in Azerbaijani, Turkish, English or Arabic languages, Annotation should be composed in English;

Annotation should not be more than one page. Max. 400 words;

Documents should be presented in MS Word or PDF format;

Page size should be 210mm x 297mm (A4), margins on all sides should be 19 mm.

Font: Arial, size 12, line spacing - 1.0;

Article name: not more than 85 symbols, size 12, in bold font.

Main author: name, surname, profession, working place

Contact information: full address, telephone numbers, e-mail & website information;

Co-author: name, surname, profession, working place;

Keywords: Please provide a maximum of 6 keywords;


Requirements for the long texts:

It should be minimum of 4 and maximum of 12 pages, including the whole text, tables, pictures and references;

Should be in MS Word or PDF format;

Page size should be 210mm x 297mm (A4), margins on all sides should be 19 mm

Font: Arial, size 12, line spacing - 1.0;

Links and quotations within the text should be in Harvard's style, e.g.: (Jones, 2003), references and links should be provided in alphabetical order.


Note: Articles which are not in compliance with the conference name and topics scheduled for discussion will not be recommended by organizational committee for performance.

Expenses related to the participants making speech by providing an article: Expenses related to accommodation and temporary residence in Baku, and all expenses of event-related materials, nutrition and social events for Conference participants whose articles have been selected by the Organizing Committee for speech and presentation should be paid by hosts of the event.

Moreover, expenses related to the participants' round trip from their countries to Baku city, capital of Azerbaijan, as well as visa issues are paid by foreign guests themselves.


Registration rules for International Conference: People wishing to participate at the event can fill and mail the attached form (see: registration form) directly to or fax to (+99412)

492 59 40; 436 86 74, as well as send to Studying of Economic Resources Centre, 194 Murtuza Mukhtarov, Baku AZ1065, Azerbaijan.

Note: There is no need to use other means for people who registered by the above mentioned ways and got an approval.

Contact Person: Ruslan Atakishiyev




Date and venue of the International Conference: February 19, 2015, Park İnn hotel, 44 Neftchiler str.,

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