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“Support for the formulating of grant finance mechanisms in higher education” Policy Doscument was discussed by experts.

Round Table organized for discussion of recommendation document developed by Studying of  Economic Resources PU in cooperation with Scientific Coordinating Council of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic and with funding from the Council of State support to Non-governmental Organizations under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic within the confines of “Support for the Formulating of Grant Finance Mechanisms in Higher Education” project was held on 17 September 2013 in academic building No.2 of Azerbaijan State Economic University.  The event was inaugurated by the Head of Studying of Economic Resources PU, Mr. Ruslan Atakishiyev. Greeting the event participants Mr. Ruslan gave information about the objective of the event.

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After greeting the guests, Mr. Shahin Bayramov, Director of Alumni Council Azerbaijan noted that, the topic of “Problems of quality management system (ISO9001:2008) at higher educational institutions” has been chosen due its importance for Azerbaijani universities including the Azerbaijan State Economic University. CABİR always holds events on actual and important themes for Azerbaijan society. In this regard, transition to recent quality management in higher education system is considered an important event in terms of getting higher education for the youth in our country. Resuming his speech Mr. Bayramov stated that, ASEU got SO 9001:2008 "Quality Management System" international certificate of International Standardization Organization on June 13, 2012.   Stating the existence of close ties with the Turkish Standards Institute, Sh. Bayramov noted that, issuing "Quality Management System" International certificate to this university for the first time has been conducted within the framework of 6 months project based on the contract signed between the ASEU and the Turkish Standards Institute. Within the framework of the contract, individual training courses on ISO 9001:2008 "Quality Management System" were held for 19 employees of the ASEUand the certificates of TSI were given to them.                                                     

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