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 Sustainable development of financial resources, facilitation of the possibility of access to them, and effective use of capital resources are one of the main factors involving the economic progress at the micro and macro levels.

Current stage of development of the financial market is due to the education of its new products. The Islamic financial institutions of this type emerging in the middle of last century started to play an increasingly important role in the development of global capital markets. Notwithstanding its short history, today Islamic capital has the volume of 1,3 trillion USD in global financial market. This new system is applied in more than 400 financial institutions in 74 countries throughout the world.

The formation of the Islamic financial system is very important in order to expedite further development of financial market, facilitate capital flows, expand investment opportunities and increase number of capital instruments under the condition of modern competition.

Taking into account this reality, Azerbaijan State Economic University together with Studying of Economic Resources Public Union will hold a international conference on the subject of "International Conference on Islamic Finance - 2014 : financial instruments" in Baku on November 25-26, 2014.

The aim of the meeting is to collect offers, share innovative ideas, develop recommendations by organizing discussions on the topic by gathering domestic and foreign scholars, social workers, investors and other interested parties working in the field of Islamic financial system in order to apply Islamic finance in the countries represented by participants.

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